The owner is a real sportsman hence the Residence is associated with various sports clubs in the area. For those who wish to organize activities, it's as simple as speaking to Corrado Gilardoni (mobile tel. # 339. 743-4147).

Here are some examples:

    Who has never dreamed of flying? We give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true, free of danger or risk. Accompanied by licenced instructors, these two-seater paragliders will transport you through an experience of a lifetime, that of flying.
    For those who love nature and the fascinating world of horses, there is the possiblility to organize memorable walks through the mountains of Bellagio, accompanied by an expert, local guide. But even if you are not a skilled rider, the club "Gli Indomabili" offers you the possibility to learn in just a few lessons. You will master the basics which will allow you to manage your horse on a trail. Lessons are completley safety, taking place in a 1000 square meter enclosure, covered in 15 centermeters of soft sand.
  • Other sports offered are: mountain biking, canoeing, water skiing and nature walks, always accompanied by expert, local guides.