Once a charitable institution established in the early 900s, this Villa was the summer home of the Baroni family. It was originally called Villa Tilde, taking the name of the owner's wife. It was later sold to the Onorevole Cavazioni family, founder of a current Italian political party.

In late 1972, it was bought by my father, Bonifacio Gilardoni, a native of Bellagio, with the idea to renovate. On the ground floor, restaurant and pizzeria "La Toretta" was opened, decorated entirely in wood. Currently, we have decided to open a new family business above the restaurant, "La Torretta Bed and Breakfast".

The style and atmosphere of "La Torretta" has inspired various artists who have included it in their work. For example, the American writer Gary Hart notes it in his book "..............." (titolo in inglese) describing it as a place from another time, another world. We offer our guests the opportunity to stay in this unique surrounding from another period, which includes a garden for both parking and sun bathing, which is also a play space for children. In fact, children are of special interest to us.

As a base, "La Torretta" offers the possibility of organising sports like horseback riding, mountain biking, canoeing, trekking, canyoning, water skiing and paragliding accompanied by expert instructors from the area.